Workbooks are produced for each PM Academy series. These are intended to be continuing resources for participants. If you attended the relevant Academy session and need to download these again please contact us for the password.

Understanding the modern NHS - marketing medicines management (Autumn 2011)
How to Shape Your Future in the Changing NHS and Influence Decision-making (Spring 2012)
The No Nonsense Guide to Project Management  (Autumn 2012)
The Art of Flexible Leadership (Spring 2013)
How to make a personal impact (Autumn 2013)
Negotiating for Success in the Modern NHS (Spring 2014)
Conflict Management in the New NHS (Autumn 2014)
Improving Personal Effectiveness to Achieve Enhanced Outcomes (Spring 2015)
Lean Thinking in the NHS (Autumn 2015)


Pharmacy Management training events have certainly filled a gap in the market since the demise of the NPC events. In fact they are a massive improvement on the original NPC workshops. They provide excellent learning opportunities plus the ability to network and share.
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