CLIP Scotland 2016 - 2017

The Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme offers pharmacy professionals an exciting opportunity to enhance their effectiveness within current, and future, roles. The programme includes a broad suite of leadership training events aimed at transforming delegates’ leadership capabilities, through the development of appropriate skills and behaviours. The course will run over an eighteen month period, with all training events taking place at the Stirling Court Hotel (previously Stirling Management Centre). The structured framework of twelve taught days are separated into eight one-day events and two two-day residential courses, with supporting written materials also provided. An introductory Welcome Event at the beginning of the programme, and a closing Next Steps Conference at the end of the programme, will provide invaluable networking opportunities, whilst a concurrent workplace-based healthcare improvement project will be completed by all delegates to demonstrate application of learning whilst on the programme.

Day One

Leading with Colleagues

Getting to know you

This initial day will provide an introduction to the programme and consider the objectives of both the programme and its participants, as delegates embark on this challenging, but rewarding, development programme.

Wednesday 13th January 2016
Day Two

Leading with Flexibility

How to ‘work’ your leadership style

Having considered the theory of flexible leadership, delegates will be encouraged to identify their own leadership style before learning how to flex it to lead and inspire others

Thursday 25th February 2016 Agenda available here
Day Three
Day Four

Leading with My Team

Developing yourself and others

This two-day residential course will use both theoretical and practical exercises to gain an understanding of training, mentoring and coaching as effective approaches to engaging others and developing leadership capacity in colleagues

Wednesday 20th – Thursday 21st April 2016
Day Five

Leading with Focus

Project leadership for project success

This training event will work through, and look beyond, the process of project management to consider how it can be used to deliver successful project outcomes

Tuesday 17th May 2016
Day Six

Leading with Impact

Making a personal impact

Communicating effectively is crucial for any good leader. During this training day, delegates will review different communication styles and strategies, and consider how they can be used to tailor and deliver effective personal communications.

Thursday 16th June 2016
Day Seven

Leading within the NHS in Scotland

Why are we doing this?

This interactive day spent with Scotland’s current leaders in pharmacy and healthcare will provide context to the learning delivered throughout the programme. Delegates will consider the incorporation of national policy into local strategy, and participate in open dialogue about where, and how, pharmacy in Scotland will be led in the future.

Wednesday 7th September 2016
Day Eight

Leading without Conflict

Conflict management.... and resolution

The training event will take an in-depth look, both conceptually and practically, at understanding conflict, the factors affecting it, and means of managing. Delegates will work in small groups to consider the skills required to manage others within changing, and challenged, work environments.

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Day Nine

Leading with Negotiations

Negotiating for success

This course offers a masterclass in achieving successful outcomes when negotiating. Delegates will identify the basics of negotiating skills and reflect on their own natural negotiation style, before considering the methods available to navigate complicated decision making processes with multiple stakeholders.

Thursday 17th November 2016
Day Ten

Leading with Me

Delegate-determined Flex Day

The content of this penultimate training event will be individually designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of programme delegates. This may involve re-visiting and building on a topic already covered, or alternatively may concentrate on a newly identified training need; either way, this flexible day ensures a bespoke leadership programme meeting the particular needs to the Scotland 2016-2017 cohort.

Wednesday 18th January 2017
Day Eleven
Day Twelve

Leaving as Leaders

Reflection, consolidation and anticipation

This demanding two-day residential course will reflect on the learnings of the entire programme as delegates strive to enhance their personal effectiveness. Having completed the programme, delegates will move forward within their roles, inspired to lead through change within their own environments.

Thursday 2nd – Friday 3rd March 2017

By working alongside colleagues from across Scotland, the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme encourages delegates to learn from their peers, through sharing experiences, challenging each other and developing productive, professional networks. This opportunity to enhance relationships amongst Scotland’s future leaders, both during and beyond the duration of the programme, will be galvanised by the shared commitment amongst the selected delegates to lead through high-quality care.

The completion of a workplace-based healthcare improvement project is a key element of the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme. This project enables practical application of learning from the programme to delegates’ specific challenges, within their own local context. It will be used as a demonstration of a delegate’s ability to lead service improvements and organisational change by drawing upon their newfound leadership skill set.

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