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This programme is sponsored by the following companies:-

Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd, MSD Ltd and Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

These companies have had no input into the design or content of the programme.

The Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy Programme is a comprehensive leadership series aiming to unlock the potential of Ireland’s future pharmacy leaders. By embedding collective leadership behaviours within the pharmacy sector, this programme hopes to support our future leaders in maximising the opportunities created by health and social care integration and novel models of care.

The modern NHS, and associated health and social care landscape, continues to undergo change at an exceptional rate and scale. Pharmacy leaders, both now and in the future, are likely to encounter increasing challenges to the profession amidst an evolving leadership culture and climate. Pharmacy Management understands the high priority challenge that this presents, and has therefore worked closely with senior pharmacists across Ireland to design and deliver our unique approach to leadership development.

We need to develop leaders rather than finding them by accident.
Tim Delaney, Head of Pharmacy, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin


The content of the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme has been shaped by the Pharmacy Management National Reference Group for Scotland. Membership of this Board includes ten forward-thinking, influential leaders in pharmacy, who have had a key role in mentoring programme delegates through their personal development journey. Members of the All Ireland Steering Group have reviewed the documents and made adjustments for the two jurisdictions where needed.

In this way, the leaders of today will work with the leaders of tomorrow as an engaged and involved workforce, realising collective responsibility for leadership in pharmacy.

This programme will improve participants’ understanding of the practice of pharmacy and the challenges and opportunities facing its leaders across Ireland, supporting connectivity and future joint working.  
Cathy Harrison, (then) Senior Principal Pharmaceutical Officer, Department of Health, Northern Ireland


Pharmacy Management has worked closely with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) to align the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme in Scotland to the RPS Faculty competencies for Leadership, Management and Collaborative Working Relationships.  In recognition of the high quality training, delivered to recognised RPS standards and in line with the Advanced Pharmacy Framework, this programme has been granted RPS Faculty Accreditation. 

The programme is predominantly funded by a limited number of pharmaceutical companies. These companies will have no input into the design or content of the programme, but each company will have one delegate from their organisation participating in the programme.

The programme was designed to include members of Pharmaceutical industry as participants.  The NHS members I have spoken to about this have all said that this added significant extra value.  This different dimension allowed NHS colleagues to become exposed to a different perspective and different challenges which added to their learning experience.
Michael Pratt, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Dumfries and Galloway


Programme Content

The Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme offers pharmacy professionals an exciting opportunity to enhance their effectiveness within current and future roles. The programme includes a broad suite of leadership training events aimed at transforming delegates’ leadership capabilities, through the development of appropriate skills and behaviours.

The programme comprises a total of twelve learning days over a twelve month period, structured as eight one-day events and two two-day residential courses, with supporting written materials also provided. 

Delegates must complete all the days. Where a delegate is unable to attend a particular day due to an existing commitment, there is capacity to catch up built into the programme. If you have a commitment already planned please do not put off applying.

The Launch/Welcome event was on the evening of Thursday 25 May 2017 at the Ballymascanlon House Hotel in Dundalk prior to the programme commencing; with a closing Next Steps Conference at the end of the programme. These events provide invaluable networking opportunities; a concurrent workplace-based healthcare improvement project will be completed by all delegates to show application of learning during the programme. This will include a poster and an article for publication to demonstrate the output of the CLIP programme.

Day One - Leading with Colleagues

Getting to know you

Day Two - Leading with Flexibility

How to ‘work’ your leadership style

Day Three - Leading with My Team

Day Four - Developing yourself and others

Day Five - Leading with Focus

Project leadership for project success

Day Six - Leading with Impact

Making a personal impact

Day Seven - Leading without Conflict

Conflict management and resolution

Day Eight - Leading with Negotiations

Negotiating for success

Day Nine - Leading within Health Systems

Why are we doing this?

Day Ten - Leading with Me

Delegate-determined Flex Day

Day Eleven - Leaving as Leaders

Day Twelve - Reflection, consolidation and anticipation

Output from the Programme

By working collaboratively alongside colleagues from across Ireland, the CLIP programme will encourage delegates to learn from their peers, through sharing experiences, challenging each other and developing productive, professional networks.

This opportunity to enhance relationships amongst future leaders across Ireland, both during and beyond the duration of the programme, will be galvanised by the shared commitment amongst the selected delegates to lead through high-quality care.

The completion of a workplace-based healthcare improvement project is a key element of the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme. This project enables practical application of learning from the programme to delegates’ specific challenges, within their own local context. It will be used as a demonstration of a delegate’s ability to lead service improvements and organisational change by drawing upon their newfound leadership skill set.

If you have any queries about the course, please email Val Shaw, Programme Co-ordinator, Pharmacy Management – [email protected]

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“I believe CLIP has been of significant benefit to the participants and to the service.  It has developed our new leaders, and will add value to our organisation.  I would recommend CLIP to any future Pharmacy Leader.”
Michael Pratt, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Dumfries and Galloway.
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