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Pharmacy Management

Thanks for MOiDPharmacy Management Announces A Second Partnership With NHS Body

Pharmacy Management has just concluded a partnership agreement with the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC) of Northern Ireland. The two organisations will work together to communicate and promote the development of medicines optimisation throughout the UK and beyond.

Chairman of Pharmacy Management, Ted Butler stated “We are very pleased that Professor Michael Scott and colleagues in Northern Ireland have agreed to become partners with Pharmacy Management to communicate the benefits and best practice examples of medicines optimisation. Pharmacy Management was the first organisation in the UK to develop a national conference for medicines optimisation in November 2012 and we see this partnership as a great opportunity to build on that foundation”.

Ted Butler further commented “We are moving forward to develop with MOIC an initiative for developing Medicines Optimisation in Mental Health and an announcement is due shortly”.

Click here to learn about Implementing The Carter Review - a major programme from Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management would like to emphasise that meetings and events that we run comply with the ABPI Code of Practice.

It is vital for the well-being of patients that clinicians and industry staff work together appropriately.

To assist and develop mutual understanding we delivered a practical working session for both NHS and Industry with Complimed Ltd (a Specialist Compliance agency) on “How Pharma’s ABPI Code affects NHS staff”. This meeting was free to NHS staff and was produced as a service to the NHS.

We understand the importance of propriety in relationships and to that end we have produced the Pharmacy Management Charter. We continue to look for new ways to promote transparency. 

Ted's signature

Ted Butler
Chairman, Pharmacy Management


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