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The first cohort of students from CLIP Scotland has completed the course and received their awards. You can read about their success here.

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Here's a short clip of delegates at the CLIP Ireland programme. You can sense the energy and drive in the room. 

Leaders of today supporting the leaders of tomorrow

The Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy Programme is a comprehensive leadership series aiming to unlock the potential of future pharmacy leaders. By embedding collective leadership behaviours within the pharmacy sector, this programme hopes to support our future leaders in maximising the opportunities created by health and social care integration and novel models of care.

I have learned a lot from the CLIP Programme and undertaking this project; this has been a very worthwhile programme for my development and what I have been able to take back to my workplace.


There is a brochure describing the 2016-17 CLIP programme in Scotland here and details of the 2017-18 CLIP programme for Ireland here. The brochure for CLIP Ireland is here.

If you're thinking of applying for a CLIP programme, you may find this FAQ useful.

One of the successful Scottish cohort has supplied us with a testimonial.

Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to you and all the fab Pharmacy Management Team.

I loved the programme and made some amazing connections.

It was so encouraging spending quality time with colleagues who are passionate about the profession.



The modern NHS, and associated health and social care landscape, continues to undergo change at an exceptional rate and scale. Pharmacy leaders, both now and in the future, are likely to encounter increasing challenges to the profession amidst an evolving leadership culture and climate. Pharmacy Management understands the high priority challenge that this presents, and has therefore worked closely with senior pharmacists across Scotland to design and deliver our unique approach to leadership development.

The central purpose of the NHS Scotland Quality Strategy is to create high quality, person-centred, clinically effective and safe healthcare services. Delivering this purpose requires ambitious leadership and strong professional values.
The Scottish Government, The Healthcare Quality Strategy for Scotland May 2010


The content of the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme has been shaped by the Pharmacy Management National Board for Scotland. Membership of this Board includes ten forward-thinking, influential leaders in pharmacy, who will additionally have a key role in mentoring programme delegates through their personal development journey. In this way, the leaders of today will work with the leaders of tomorrow as an engaged and involved workforce, realising collective responsibility for leadership in pharmacy.

We are heading into a period of unprecedented challenge. For our profession to thrive and best serve our patients we need good effective leadership. This programme gives our future leaders the chance to develop the required skills.
Michael Pratt, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Dumfries and Galloway


The content of the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme is accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty

Pharmacy Management has worked closely with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) to align the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme to the RPS Faculty competencies for Leadership, Management and Collaborative Working Relationships. In recognition of the high quality training, delivered to recognised RPS standards and in line with the Advanced Pharmacy Framework, this programme has been granted RPS Faculty Accreditation. Pharmacy Management has additionally been confirmed as part of the RPS “first wave” of accredited Faculty Training Providers, and programme delegates embarking on their Faculty journey will be supported throughout this programme to develop their portfolio for submission.

You can see the RPS announcement of Pharmacy Management's accreditation for this programme here.

Before undertaking the CLIP programme I would never have said I had any leadership skills whatsoever. I had no confidence in myself as a leader and I even found the application form very intimidating. I am so glad that I got a place on the programme and have learned so much from Tom, Val and the other delegates on the programme. Finding out how others in my own workplace perceive me has given me confidence to take steps forward and put myself out there as a leader in our team. Learning about more effective communication and how this relates to negotiation and conflict management has been really beneficial to me. I have taken on jobs and responsibilities recently that I would never have thought I would have been capable of in past times, and I have actually found that I am well equipped to do these tasks now. I feel like a lot of the skills I have learned on the CLIP programme will develop more and more with practice and time and that this is something I will continue to gain from for years to come and for the rest of my career.
CLIP Ireland participant
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