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Pharmacy Management

RPS Partner

Pharmacy Management has partnered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. RPS members can download the members' newsletter that we have jointly created here.

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WE are delighted to announce that Pharmacy in Practice has teamed up with Pharmacy Management (PM) in a professional partnership, with the aim of creating, supporting and delivering a number of pharmacy projects that will benefit pharmacists and their teams.

As the official media partner for Pharmacy Management in Scotland, PiP are proud to be supporting PM events this year, including the:

Pharmacy Management Academy on April 26.Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy – Certificates Award Ceremony in Edinburgh on June 8 (Certificates to be presented by Scotland’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Professor Rose Marie Parr).

Pharmacy Management National Forum for Scotland on August 30, in Dunblane.Pharmacy Management Academy – Autumn Series.

Pharmacy in Practice’s Ross Ferguson said: “We have the same ethos: to help create confident, clinical, pharmacy professionals that can positively contribute to improving the health of the nation.

“Ted and his team have a range of skills and experience that fit nicely with ours and we look forward to working with them on a number of projects.

“We are incredibly excited about the future for the site and this collaboration, and have some great joint plans to support pharmacists in their work and careers as well as to celebrate and promote their successes.”

Johnathan Laird said: “This professional partnership is something we are extremely proud of at Pharmacy in Practice. We have many shared values so it feels like a perfect fit. Like Pharmacy Management we aim to use the partnership to help pharmacists increase their competence, but possibly as important to us is to help pharmacists increase their confidence too. We have exciting plans, and very much look forward to the journey together.”

Ted Butler, Chairman of Pharmacy Management, said: “Scotland has long been a key focus for Pharmacy Management and we introduced our ground breaking programme Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy there before going to other countries in the UK.

“We have some exciting plans for the future to support the profession and believe that Pharmacy in Practice is the ideal partner to develop even further our close bond with pharmacy in Scotland."

We have a report of the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of PRIMM, which you can read here.

Pharmacy Management would like to emphasise that meetings and events that we run comply with the ABPI Code of Practice. Visit our transparency and disclosure pages for more information.

9th May, 2017

Medicines Optimisation in Diabetes. A JoMO-UKCPA Joint Meeting. We return to Manchester to discover what has been happening in the world of diabetes medicine.



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