Singing the blues

Blues music is divisive.

I can see its attractions, whereas my brother regards it as whining set to music.

In telling of the hardships of life, it hardly causes the listener to spring in the air and celebrate the joys of existence.

It wouldn’t surprise me if a pharmacist isn’t tuning up his banjo now to extemporise a blues on medicines shortages.

  • PSNC has a whole section of its website on the subject
  • The Chemist and Druggist had a scathing lead editorial recently on the government’s response

And your writer gets a regular ear-bashing from his wife – a community pharmacist – who complains that her PMR system shows that over a quarter of the medicines she is trying to get for her patients are either unavailable or subject to quotas.

A quick check this morning showed that one company alone has 192 items it is unable to supply.

The average community pharmacist is spending up to an hour a day trying to source products that have already been prescribed.

They understand some of the difficulties but, frankly, they don’t care.

They just want to supply their patients.

They don’t want to have to fax prescriptions or argue with a salesperson about why a doctor has prescribed 56 days’ supply for a patient.

If there’s an answer to this, let’s hear it. Going on as we are can’t be an option.

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