JoMO-UKCPA Medicines Optimisation Meeting (Cardiovascular)

Excellent way of keeping up to date with what is happening in respiratory medicine and offers plenty of opportunities for CPD.
Satellite sessions lead by speakers who really know their topics and left me feeling inspired.

Anonymous attendee, JoMO-UKCPA Respiratory Meeting 2018
Event Name JoMO-UKCPA Medicines Optimisation Meeting (Cardiovascular)
Location Leicester Marriott Hotel, Leicester
Start Date 9:30am 19/09/2017
Finish Date 4:00pm 19/09/2017
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Event Description

Our first joint workshop on best practice in the use of medicines in cardiovascular conditions.

This event will be funded by the following pharmaceutical companies through the purchase of event sponsorship, sponsored satellites, exhibition stands and posters. These companies have had no input into the design or content of the workshop agenda (with the exception of sponsored satellites) but will be in attendance on the day.

Headline Sponsor - Daiichi Sankyo

Satellite Sponsor - Novo Nordisk

Stand Sponsors - Alliance Pharmaceuticals, Aspire Pharma, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis, Thornton and Ross

The Learning Zone, which is made up of Posters and Exhibition Stands, is a gathering place and central point for exchange of best practice. To submit your work on Medicines Optimisation in Cardiovascular download the poster submission form here.

Pharmacy Management will reimburse standard class travel and any appropriate mileage associated with your attendance at this meeting. A claim form will be sent to you after the event for you to submit along with the original receipts.


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