Assessing the Heart Failure patient: what to do next?

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Satellite Assessing the Heart Failure patient: what to do next?
Speakers Dr Chris Primus (Senior Registrar in Cardiology, Barts Heart Centre; Derek Willoughby Clinical Research Fellow, William Harvey Research Institute, QMUL)
Satellite Description

This session will cover key tenets of heart failure management, with a focus on clinical assessment to risk stratify patients with both preserved and reduced ejection fraction. This will include: strategies to recognise the deteriorating patient; when to consider advanced medical and device therapy; reviewing diagnostic tests/imaging and when to use them; bridging the gap between hospital and community teams. The session will use interactive case scenarios to highlight the challenges and help participants feel confident during their interactions with senior clinicians.

Advanced Level – a basic practical knowledge of heart failure and its management will be a necessary framework for this talk covering patient assessment and decision-making.

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