Identifying and adapting treatment for frailty in cardiovascular disease

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Satellite Identifying and adapting treatment for frailty in cardiovascular disease
Speakers Paresh Parmar (Lead Stroke and Care of the Elderly Pharmacist, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust)
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People are living longer, but not necessarily ageing healthier.  Frailty is an important prognostic factor in patients with CVD, and so identifying this feature when assessing these patients may help to individually tailor cardiovascular treatment. Frailty and polypharmacy pose challenges in managing these patients with multiple co-morbidities including cardiovascular disease and their medication. Inappropriate polypharmacy places patients at higher risk of adverse effects and unplanned hospital visits. Understanding what frailty is and how polypharmacy affects frail patients with cardiovascular disease will lead to better medication management through person centred care. .

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