Hospital Acquired Pneumonia: Pharmacy practice research on enhancing antimicrobial stewardship

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Satellite Hospital Acquired Pneumonia: Pharmacy practice research on enhancing antimicrobial stewardship
Speakers Munira Ratansi, Antimicrobial Pharmacist, Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Munira Ratansi is a specialist antimicrobial pharmacist at Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. She has been an antimicrobial pharmacist for 11 years and developed an interest in research. This aspiration led her to securing NIHR funding to undertake a Masters in health research at the University of Birmingham. Her previous roles have included Formulary Pharmacist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she also undertook a secondment at the learning and development department. The secondment involved exploring the role of specialist paediatric nurses in undertaking independent prescribing within their specialities. Munira’s other roles have included Trauma admissions pharmacist at Selly oak hospital and specialist rotational pharmacist at Queen Elizabeth hospital where she completed her postgraduate Diploma is clinical pharmacy from Keele University.
Satellite Description

This session will cover the following aspects of pharmacy practice and research in antimicrobial stewardship, and present data from an NIHR funded MRes study “An observational study to explore antimicrobial stewardship, nutrition and to investigate vitamin D levels in patients suffering from hospital-acquired pneumonia at an NHS Trust”.

  1. The identification and development of research into hospital-acquired pneumonia.
  2. The management of hospital-acquired pneumonia, resistant bacteria and antimicrobial use
  3. The Impact of nutrition in infections
  4. The role of vitamin D in immunity and antibiotic use
  5. Research findings and recommendations

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