Resilience is your Superpower

“The quality of what Pharmacy Management is putting on is simply streets ahead of anything else I’m seeing at the moment. Keep up the good work!”
Noel Wicks, Managing Director, Right Medicine Pharmacy Ltd, Stirling
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Speakers Jo Cowlin, Director and Founder @Jo Cowlin A transformational coach, facilitator, and game-changer I help individuals; businesses and teams to get clear on what they want, take meaningful action and create lasting change. I have years of experience helping executives, entrepreneurs and corporate teams get the results they want. I will dare you to be different No corporate BS, no life coaching, and no hand-holding. Work with me to break through what is holding you back and gain clarity about what is important to you, your business or organisation. Step fully into your power, so you can live a life without limits. I will take you out of your comfort zone and uncover what is holding you back I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, who after working with me have taken their team to the next level, been promoted or just woken up to a magical, stress-free life of their own making.
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Resilient people demonstrate great flexibility, high energy, mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level. They are able to foster strong relationships and support networks that help them to amplify their productivity and results.

In today's fast paced world and a constant agenda of change it is imperative that we invest in developing our ability to become more resilient. There are learnable skills that can help you boost your natural levels of resilience and this short workshop is going to show you how.

The focus will be on tools and techniques that will help individuals to supercharge levels of resilience to better cope with change and uncertainty, boost levels of productivity and enhance mental and emotional well-being.

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