Respiratory Prescribing in Primary Care: the CCG perspective

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Satellite Respiratory Prescribing in Primary Care: the CCG perspective
Speakers Hetal Dhruve, Specialist Respiratory Pharmacist, NHS City & Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group Hetal Dhruve is a specialist respiratory pharmacist currently working at City and Hackney CCG. She has previously worked in both secondary and a tertiary care respiratory centres in London. She has a clinical diploma and MSc in pharmacy practice. She is a certified practitioner for spirometry testing and interpretation (Level 3). As part of her current role, she sees high risk asthma and COPD patients to ensure correct diagnosis, optimises medication by identification of barriers to adherence and motivates patients to take prescribed medication, encouraging self-management where appropriate. She has recently been appointed as clinical lead for respiratory for City and Hackney CCG and is now involved in commissioning decisions and quality improvement for the borough. Additionally, as well as teaching the multidisciplinary team in City and Hackney, Hetal is part of the education committee at the PCRS and teaches undergraduate pharmacy students at Kings, pre-registration students at UEA and post graduate pharmacists and physiotherapists at UCL.
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The NHS spends >£1bn on inhalers for the treatment of asthma and COPD and are the most costly proportion of unused medicines returned to pharmacies. Additionally, the UK has some of the worst asthma outcomes compared to the rest of Europe. Hetal has been working in primary care for 5 years ago, which initially started as a project commissioned by a local CCG. As a result of this, improvements were made in the rates of exacerbations, quality of life and salbutamol use as well as significant cost savings. An example of the work that was achieved has been published on NICE: This session will be appropriate for any practitioner reviewing patients with asthma and COPD in primary care to ensure quality interventions, reduce inappropriate prescribing and waste, and facilitate management of breathlessness.

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