PM Primary Care Networks Conference

These meetings are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals and have been developed in accordance with the ABPI Code of Practice.

Event Name PM Primary Care Networks Conference
Location Virtual
Start Date 9:00am 09/11/2021
Finish Date 4:00pm 09/11/2021
Booking Closes 2:00pm 08/11/2021
Places Available
Event Description

The PM Primary Care Networks Conference will take place on Tuesday 9th November 2021.

This Conference will be delivered digitally/online.

This page will be updated with information about this conference as details are finalised.


Session Synopses:

‘Looking after me’: Reflecting on a challenging time to build resilience and boost wellbeing

We’ve lived in a very busy, fast paced and often stressful world for some time now, but the covid pandemic has only added to this. However, it’s not all negative. It’s likely that you’ve gained a wealth of experience and insight, both personally and professionally, which you can now use to reflect and reevaluate. This session will encourage you to take time to stop and think about how the last 18 months has impacted you, both positively and negatively, and encourage you to move forward in a way that supports your personal wellbeing and charges up your ‘resilience battery’. 

Ways of improving communication between primary and secondary care at the interface

I am an experienced chief pharmacist - currently working as Head of medicines optimisation in Herts Valleys CCG.  I have worked in all sectors of pharmacy i.e. community, industry, hospital and CCG.  I am an advocate that integrated working is best for all and improves care for patients.  This is not always easy to do in practice as it requires collaboration across organisations.  I will touch on how my team have worked towards achieving better collaboration with examples from my local area (West Herts), enabling us to support a shared agenda for integrated working, with the patient getting best care as our focus. 

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Contact Name Laura Carr
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