PM Academy Webinar Series: How to win friends and influence people | The role of the PCN pharmacist now and in the future

These meetings are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals and have been developed in accordance with the ABPI Code of Practice.

Event Name PM Academy Webinar Series: How to win friends and influence people | The role of the PCN pharmacist now and in the future
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Start Date 10:00am 23/06/2021
Finish Date 11:45am 23/06/2021
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A regular series of fortnightly webinars to support professional development and enhancement of patient care by the sharing of best practice.

Utilising PM Trainers from the successful Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy (CLIP) programme to deliver practical learning sessions of skills designed to aid personal and organisation development.

To complement skills acquisition there will be a second session in the webinar to exchange best practice which will be delivered by presenters whose satellite sessions have been significantly oversubscribed at Pharmacy Management Conferences.

It is anticipated the PM ACADEMY will be very popular so early registration for each webinar is recommended.




How to win friends and influence people - the key to selling success PM Consultancy Trainer

As the Dale Carnegie book of the same name states - People crave the feeling of importance. Make someone feel important and they will think well of you. Diminish someone’s importance and they will resent you. This central theme is also true when selling; selling yourself, your ideas and strategies, as well as service and product to others needs an appreciation of how to do this effectively through using your skills. Appeal to the other person’s interests. Virtually all people care more about what they want than what you want. Keep asking yourself - “what is it that this person wants?'. Coupled to this, everyone has something they can teach you, and you benefit by figuring out what that is. This belief leads to a genuine interest and appreciation for other people. In our short workshop we will explore these themes and focus on how we can improve our capability to do these things consistently - leading to better outcomes across both our professional, business and personal lives.

The role of the PCN pharmacist now and in the future Clair Huckerby, Chief Pharmacist, Consultant Pharmacist Primary Care Medicines Optimisation, Our Health Partnership

Are you part of a Primary Care Network? Are you interested in learning more about what a Primary Care Network (PCN) Pharmacist does and more importantly what the future may hold?

Clair Huckerby has worked in primary care since 1998 in a range of roles including PCGs, PCTs, CCGs, Public Health and General 2018 she became the first Consultant Pharmacist in Primary Care in the UK.  In the last year she made the move to working in a GP Superpartnership. The organisation comprises of 9 large PCNs spanning two emerging Integrated Care Systems serving a population of over 400,000 patients. Clair will provide insight into her perspective on the benefits and challenges of working in this new system and provide an insight into the emerging role of the PCN Pharmacist as part of the Multidisciplinary Team. This is intended to be an interactive session, so if you have any questions before hand please do let us know, otherwise come along prepared to join in.  

This webinar is sponsored by FDB (First Databank) who have had no input into the design or content of the webinar.


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