11 Mar 2021

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Pharmacy: Delivering a Healthier Future in the Celtic nations

A most exciting, interactive and informative event in the pharmaceutical calendar. Not to be missed!

Pharmacy Management is pleased to announce the second tri-nation Celtic Conference, which will take place on Thursday, 11th March 2021 in a virtual format. It will bring together pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from all sectors of the profession in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to hear about the latest developments in pharmacy services across the three countries as well as debating and influencing the direction of travel for the profession.

The Conference has been designed by a Steering Group consisting of ten senior pharmacists drawn from each of the Celtic Nations to have the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness of current healthcare policies and priorities within each of the three Celtic nations.
  • Identify, showcase and share best practice across each of the three Celtic nations.
  • Understand the potential to further develop the role of pharmacy in improving healthcare and patient facing services.
  • Identify and share innovations and how information technology can be harnessed to meet healthcare challenges.
  • Clarify the training and educational requirements needed to support change and development within the pharmacy workforce.
  • Forge further partnerships and foster effective working relationships between the three Celtic nations.
  • Provide an opportunity to network and share experience with delegates from other Celtic nations.
  • Inspire delegates to return to their workplace with renewed vigour and energy to continue to improve services and provide even better pharmaceutical care for patients.

The event will be attended by the Chief Pharmaceutical Officers from each country, who will each provide a presentation.

The overall theme has been drawn from the Welsh document on ‘Pharmacy: Delivering a Healthier Wales’, since the concepts apply to all three Celtic Nations, and the four key themes within the document have been adapted to form themes for satellite sessions structured around:

  • Developing the pharmacy workforce.
  • Pharmaceutical care across healthcare settings.
  • Harnessing innovation and technology.
  • Enhancing patient experience in frail patients.

There will also be an ‘inspiration speaker’ in a plenary session, sponsored satellites and a Networking Zone.

This event has been funded by pharmaceutical and other companies as shown separately through event sponsorship and sponsored satellites. These companies have had no input into the design or content of the conference agenda (except for sponsored satellite sessions). 


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